Montefiore Medical Center

Join Montefiore's Associate Improvement Program (A-HIP), where you can be paid for healthy improvements!

If eligible, associates earn $100 for each category improvement made in four different biometric areas – BMI (height and weight), blood pressure, cholesterol and A1c values. 

Determine where you currently stand in the program by submitting the provider form noting your most recent laboratory results within the past six months, or by registering and attending an on-site wellness check-in to be screened for BMI and blood pressure. If your initial baseline values are outside of low risk (the green) in any category, you have the chance to earn $100 for each improvement! 

For the A-HIP Program Guide, visit:

To participate in the program, please select from the options below.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact US Wellness at